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October 7 to 11, 8:00PM

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The Elite Freelancer Summit

This is where we teach Filipinos who want to transform from an aspiring (or struggling) freelancer to an elite freelancer who’s worry-free when it comes to making a living, time and workload…

Di na need mag-work around the clock, trading hours for dollars. Pwede mo na actually ma-enjoy yung kita and oras mo…

Yung DREAM life mo, possible na yan sya – family, house, car, vacation, or kahit ano pa yan na gusto mo makuha, just within reach.

Zero cost. No credit Card Required.

Maj Custodio

A small town boy from Capiz who started freelancing to provide for his growing family and has since worked with multi million dollar clients.

After starting his company QuickPro in 2016, he’s helped over 15,000 Filipinos gain control over their lives and career through freelancing.

He will show you how to make a living from your own home even if you don’t have skills, experience or tech background!

Sarah Suyom

She is the coach so many Filipino coaches love. She is an energy psychology facilitator getting achievers out of their own way so they can achieve the success they’re after more easily.

She has helped freelancers unlock their “Master Key System” which has led to them doubling or tripling their rates confidently. (As in these freelancers are now charging $5,000 – $10,000 with ease!)

She will show you how to achieve premium freelancer status in the most effective and fastest way possible even if you feel stuck, scared or doubtful of yourself!

Day #1 – Finding Your True Love

They say “Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” This is not just true for what you’re doing. It’s also true for WHO you’re serving!

Landing your dream clients starts with first getting clear on who your dream client is!

Now, working with your dream client starts with getting them on a first date. But first, you gotta give them an irresistible reason to get on that date with you!

This is when it’s crucial to create an offer they couldn’t refuse.

The truth is they’re probably getting tens of messages from other freelancers who want to work with them. So if you want a chance to even get noticed…

You need to capture their attention and interest.

And all this starts with an irresistible offer!

Day #2 – Your Overnight Elite Freelancer Makeover

Look, tao rin yung potential clients mo.

And this means they WILL most certainly “judge a book by its cover”. If this scares you or makes you nervous, then you’re in luck.

Because we’ll reveal to you how 6 and 7 figure freelancers show up online.

From their mindset to their social presence to how they carry themselves when talking to potential clients.

Like I always say, pano ka magcharge ng P100k kung mukhang hindi ka pa nakatikim ng P15k?!

We’ll do a quick makeover and change all that on Day 4 of the Summit!

Day #3 – Sending Your Love Letters

Most newbie freelancers kill their chance to land clients because they’re saying things which turn people off!

BTW this has nothing to do with how good you are in English.

(Okay nga lang kahit hindi ka ganun ka galing basta wag mo lang sabihin itong deal killers na ito!)

When you learn exactly what to say (and what NOT to say) so you get higher chances of getting them to say, “YES I’m interested to know more.”

Get this right and you’re one step closer to signing your first (or next) dream client.

Day #4 – Unlocking The Inner Elite Freelancer in YOU

The #1 thing that gets in the way of you getting your dream client has nothing to do with your skills…

Not even your experience…

And definitely not your college degree.

It has everything to do with the space between your ears. Your mindset.

The reason why so many freelancers struggle to get clients or struggle to charge what they’re worth is because they have so many limiting beliefs.

Beliefs that keep them paralyzed. Na instead na mag reach out sila, they get stuck “learning.”

Pero sa totoo talaga, they’re scared to do the things which will move them closer to getting their dream clients in freelancing.

Get that fear out of the way, and you’ll be unstoppable!

Being an Elite Freelancer means having the confidence na kaya mo ‘to. Na you can BE more, DO more and HAVE more in your life.

And on this day, we’ll peel back the beliefs keeping you stuck, scared and doubtful…

So you can be 100% sure about yourself and your freelance success.

Day #5 – Confident Closing

Each day is packed with different activities which put the fun back into learning regardless of your age, background or skill level.

Gawin namin yan sila for you to give you the clarity, confidence, support and direction you’ll need as you venture into your freelance journey.

We’ve witnessed attendees who literally transformed their lives because of this Summit, and I’m 100% sure the same will happen this time.

If you want to be one of those who gets the chance to turn their lives around for the better…

Then sama ka samin LIVE every day for the entirety of The Elite Freelancer Summit.

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Zero cost. No credit Card Required.

By Quickpro Academy