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Day 1 – Finding Your True Love

Day 2 – Your Overnight Elite Freelancer Makeover

Day 3 – Sending Your Love Letters

Day 4 – Unlocking The Inner Elite Freelancer in YOU

Day 5 – Confident Closing

Maj Custodio

A small town boy from Capiz who started freelancing to provide for his growing family and has since worked with multi million dollar clients.

After starting his company QuickPro in 2016, he’s helped over 15,000 Filipinos gain control over their lives and career through freelancing.

He will show you how to make a living from your own home even if you don’t have skills, experience or tech background!

Sarah Suyom

She is the coach so many Filipino coaches love. She is an energy psychology facilitator getting achievers out of their own way so they can achieve the success they’re after more easily.

She has helped freelancers unlock their “Master Key System” which has led to them doubling or tripling their rates confidently. (As in these freelancers are now charging $5,000 – $10,000 with ease!)

She will show you how to achieve premium freelancer status in the most effective and fastest way possible even if you feel stuck, scared or doubtful of yourself!

Karla Singson

She came from nothing and has become a breadwinner for her family in her early 20s. Today she is a TEDx speaker, podcast host and agency owner.

She is the co-founder of Scalewind and has partnered with Perry Belcher, co-founder of, one of the most respected digital marketers of our time.

This lady boss has shown it doesn’t matter where you come from, only where you want to do. She is currently on her way to her first million dollar year in business.

Worth it ba? Of course! We wanted this to be something na mahirapan ka mag-hindi. I mean, once or twice a year lang etong Elite Freelancer Summit but can you imagine being able to relive every moment of it with just a few clicks?

You get lifetime access, too, so if you’re not “feeling it” for a moment, pwede mo to sya i-replay anytime and I promise, the insights you’ll get each time you play the recordings just gets better and better.

The key to becoming an Elite Freelancer is all here and is right at your fingertips! That’s worth quite a bit, don’t you think? And buying your own copy empowers you to freely absorb the teachings your way, and at your pace.

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Hey there, Maj Custodio here. 

The QuickPro Team and I have put in a lot of effort in all our Elite Freelancer Summit events. Di ko yan sya sabihin na “transformative” if it isn’t true. And so far naman, those who believed in the event’s life-changing effects have proven this.

You’ve seen what others had to say. Free event pa lang to sya pero grabeh…if someone really wants to better their lives, mayron paraan. And this Summit offers Filipinos a few of these ways.


Just imagine, feeling down, hopeless, na parang you start to question if “hanggang dito na lang ba talaga ako?” But then you just turn on your computer, access the Summit recordings, and then boom! – Brand new hope, inspiration and motivation just for you.

THIS is what the All-Access Pass can give you.

Forget about lessons na alam mo na, mga skills which you can learn for free naman online, and experience na you won’t ever get if you’re too afraid of what your prospects or anyone else might think of you…

Instead, look forward to learn and absorb real-life stories from me, our speakers as well as other Elite Freelancers who’ve “made it” thanks to this Summit.

…which you can easily get access to anytime, anywhere and at your own pace when you buy your All-Access Pass to the Elite Freelancer Summit.

The team and I made sure we go above and beyond to create something that we hope makes a REAL difference in your life. Hope you’ll buy it and love it.

Rooting for you, always,


P.S. Got questions? Email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help.

By Quickpro Academy