For those who want to discover how words can actually sell…

This 2-Hour Intensive Training Reveals:

How To Get Your First Copywriting Client In November 2022

no tech, writing or sales background required

My name’s Franz and I use words to make my clients happy.

I started as a General VA in 2014, making $5/hour booking flights, working on spreadsheets and following people up on the phone but now…

I’m actively writing sales pages, emails and ads for clients which have made over ₱30 million in sales combined.

…and in this quick training, I’ll reveal to you a few pieces of copy which – when done right – can definitely kickstart your copywriting career.

Inside, you’ll discover:

🔥 The simplest type of copy and the easiest market I’ll start with if I lost everything I have today

🔥 Why you shouldn’t think so much about “writing sales copy” — what you should think about instead when asking clients to pay you premium

🔥 A proven “Free Money” offer prospects would be dumb to resist

🔥 So you got the prospect to say YES – now what?

🔥 Fill-in-the-blank templates you can use to speed up your writing process (so you’ll never have to start from scratch)

🔥 The principles behind why this service works and how to deliver this even if you’ve never written a piece of sales copy before

🔥 A step-by-step process to your first (or next) copywriting client

🔥 And more!

Here’s What My Clients Had To Say About My Work:

It was a time-sensitive launch and we only had 7 days to pull this off. The biggest challenge was finding someone who could write the sales letter in just 4 days. It’s hard enough to write copy for clients, it’s even harder to write copy for copywriters. There’s a certain ego involved and there’ll be ideas you’ll clash with. I was expecting BS push-backs as other copywriters would do, but there weren’t any – and I loved that.

–John “The Legend” Pagulayan,

The Freelance Movement Tribe

Reading the letter you submitted, I got lost in a sense that I completely forgot it was you who wrote the letter and not the product owner. Realizing this, I just knew the job was safe in your hands.

–Allan Ngo,

Inbox Society

Franz is an amazing funnel builder and also a copywriter. What I like most about Franz is that he’s easy to communicate with… It’s great that he understands digital marketing and he knows where I’m coming from and what I’m trying to achieve… And he’s also shares his insights on whatever strategy it is I’m talking about that’s helpful with the goal I’m working to achieve. It’s been a great pleasure working with Franz.

–Daise Virtudazo,

Systems Slay Masterclass

I’m sold!! I’m buying the course because of you!

–Niel Reichl,


But you know what the best part of all this is?

This Is NOT A ₱50,000 Course!

Look, we get the holidays are near and we know you’re probably already saving up for a nice little celebration.

Which is why instead of taking all your money for what’s essentially a training session to your first $1,000-client…

We’ll let you in on arguably the best deal you’ll make this year.

This won’t be free, though, because we all know what happens to the free things we’re given, right?

So you’ll still invest in yourself with this.

But it won’t be ₱50K…or ₱20K…or ₱10K.

…it won’t even be ₱1,000!

You can get full access to this kickstart copy training – and the best chances of possibly closing your first (or next) copywriting client this month…

For only…


Now, isn’t that the sweetest deal ever?

If none of this gets you scrambling for your wallet or your phone to make your investment, I honestly don’t know what will.

But if you’d like access to this 2-hour copywriting training, and you’d like a chance at a new client before November 2022 ends…

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That’s it and I hope to see you there!



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